Daniel Finaldi

Daniel Finaldi grew up in North Western New York State in the city of Rochester.  Finaldi’s father is an immigrant from Foggia, and his maternal grandparents were immigrants from Sicily.  From his early childhood, making art was a vital part of Finaldi’s identity. It was not until the artist first college years that he discovered his calling.  The college sponsored a trip to Metropolitan Museum of Art, and it was during that trip that the French masters made their impact. Cezanne, Pissaro, Van Gogh and Renoir were all a part of the moment of illumination.  Finaldi described this encounter with his professors who in turn told him, “Oh, you are a painter!”

Finaldi’s passion is rooted in observing the everyday.  He paints from life directly on location and he is especially dedicated to painting people.  Space is created with details and layering of light and shadow. 

Daniel Finaldi is now represented by Calavera Gallery.



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