Representation and Promotion

We offer representation in the international art market, our team of curators aims to find the best portfolio of artist around de world, which really have an impact on their artistic work to transcend borders and become known around the world

Online promotion plan


qPublication of your acceptance on Instagram.


2 pieces with digital certificate with evaluation of our curators.


Instagram promotion of 5 artworks.


Mention of the artist profile and website in a publication of our Instagram.

Your art everywhere

Increase of followers in the artist Instagram profile

You grow up

Increase interactions (likes)

Selling your art

Participation in two online auctions. *in case of sale, the 80% from the total will be for the artist and  the 20% for Calavera Gallery.

*Calavera Gallery does not cover the handling and sending pieces or artworks in case of sale.

About Us

Calavera Mkt Program

Our digital marketing plans are designed to minimize the time you would need to invest in social media promotion and are targeted to achieve the best results for you, working with our specialists to establish your goals giving you the best service. 

Contact us

To learn more about our representation or any questions about our foundation, write us.
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